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Acme International (Thailand) Ltd.


Acme International L.P was established in Bangkok as a key player in the international rubber industry.


Start of focusing on specialty chemicals, alloyed steels and special welding electrodes for industries by establishing Surface Technology Business Unit.


Start of cooperation with Hoganas AB Sweden for thermal spraying process.


Extension of cooperation in the field of thermal spraying process.


Collaboration with Chemetall GmbH for specialty chemicals. Establishing of our Foundry Technology Business Unit.


Start in-house surface enhancement to handle specialized surfacing work for cement, chemical, pulp/paper, metal, glass and sugar industries.


Founding of the Industrial Special Product Business Unit handling special equipment/ machinery from Europe, USA and Japan.


Acme Specialty chemicals Co., Ltd. Is established for producing refractory material and specialty chemicals for foundries and industrial maintenance applications.


Foundation of Asia Brake, the leading Brake Conference and Exhibition in Asia.


Foundation of KERNIK business unit – innovative surface chemical solutions tailored to customer needs.


50th anniversary of the Company.

Our Vision

To Develop a Competent and Motivated Work Force

  • By encouraging personal ethics, self-respect, and a strong team spirit.
  • By building career skills, creative thinking, and a service orientaion.
  • By basing rewards on attitude, performance, and results.

To Promote Healthy Business Growth

  • By constantly seeking to raise product quality and lower costs.
  • By pursuing the research and development of new technology.
  • By expanding into markets where our expertise can be applied.

To Insure Increasing Customer Satisfaction

  • By emphasizing awareness of our customers real needs.
  • By creating long-term business relationships through reliable service.
  • By caring the effects of our activities on the community and the environment.

Our Team