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Acme International (Thailand) Ltd collaborates with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Innovation Technology Assistance Program(ITAP), and many famous universities in Thailand.
We devote budget to develop and research more than 10% of sales to providing high-quality products and to be a leader and expert in Surface Innovation technology.Ex Antimicrobial, Release Agents, rust solution,Cleaning solution, etc.


With many experiences in industrial. So we became the Professional expert consultant helping to solve customer problems in manufacturing. And we still continue to develop and research new innovative technology.
Acme International (Thailand) Ltd, Provides scholarships to cooperative students to support the research.To building skills and Efficiency of Thai research.


Also, We still care about the environment and community.
From Corona-virus disease (COVID19) many people have suffered from Covid19.
We have donated Food, Medicine, and money to people who have suffering in this situation.

We continue developing high-quality products by caring the effects of our activities on the community and the environment.

Ongoing development project


Effects of Mold Release Agent on Adhesion of Molding Materials:

  • (Phase 1:2018-2019) To get understanding on all theory of adhesion and release mechanism and how we can evaluate the film barrier between tire and bladder
  • (Phase 2:2019-2020) Build release agent testing machine


Development of mold release agent formula for bladder in tire industry (2018-2020).


Simulation test by using hot compression machine.


(T-Peel) test; to find the peel out force in each release agent type


Reciprocate Pin on Disk Tribometer Test

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