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Batch off ATH-011B

  • Using with non-vulcanized rubber material to prevent sticking problem during storage
  • Can be diluted 1:14 – 1:39 depend on the rubber compound
  • More effective when using with batch-off process 
  • Excellent release properties
  • No negative influence on the technical properties of the rubber
  • Low foaming tendency
  • Excellent wetting properties
  • Fast drying time

Mold Release Agent MRI-160

  • Water-base mold release agent
  • Semi-permanent
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy release
  • Reduction of mold build-up
  • Re-apply: Recommend every 6-8 hours

Outside Tire Paint OLI-031

  • Outside tire paint is used to help release vulcanized tires easily.
  • The aqueous, solvent-free dispersion is sprayed onto the tire sidewall and in some cases onto the tread. With outside tire paint, the surface finish of the tire will be better with less defect.
  • Glossy and non-glossy
  • Water base outside paint, Black suspension
  • Soft smell and friendly to worker
  • Easy to handle in all application

Inside Tire Paint ILI-030

  • Ensure smooth contact between bladder and green tire.
  • Reduce air trapped between tire and bladder.
  • Promote easy removal of cured tire from the bladder.
  • Extend bladder life.
  • Applied by coating the inner side of a green tire
  • Can be Mica base or non-Mica base
  • Possible to modify the color: white, grey, and black.
  • Easy to apply in all application method
  • Soft odor and friendly to worker

Bladder Coating BCI-110

  • Semi-permanent and water base bladder release agent
  • Environment friendly
  • Soft smell
  • Excellent release performance
  • Extend bladder life
  • Re-apply: Recommend every 8-12 hours
  • Can be applied by various methods e.g. hand coat or spray 

Tire Tester Release Agent RLI-033/45

  • Provide ease of mounting and release of the tire from the rim on the uniformity test machine during the tire balancing process.
  • Lubricant for force variation and balance machines
  • Water-based
  • Good appearance
  • No residues left on the tire
  • Excellent slip

Trimming Agent TMI-905-6

  • Trimming lubricant for automatic trimming machine
  • Water-based tire paint for finishing
  • Ready to use
  • No running or dripping

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