KLD-007F20 is a combination of a release agent and wetting agent for the MDF and Particleboard industry.

It can be diluted with water and should be sprayed continuously on the fibers/chips and press plates/belts. 

Especially suitable for all kinds of spray systems, Also excellent for wood industry.

KLD-008B is a combination of a wetting agent and a release agent for the Particle Board and MDF industry.

Can be diluted with water and must be sprayed continuously on the chips / fibers and press plates, Also suitable for the production of thin boards.


  • No, build upon the press plates/belts 
  • Excellent cleaning power 
  • The excellent surface of the produced board 
  • Will reduce the amount of used paint through high-density surfaces 
  • Reduction of press cycle time 
  • Excellent release 


  • Formaldehyde content will be reduced 
  • No build up on the press plates 
  • Excellent surface of the produced board
  • Better flow properties and distribution of the glue 
  • Reduction of press cycle time and glue consumption 
  • Less sanding • Excellent release 

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