Dimethyl Silicone Emulsions are specially produced for use in a wide variety of applications in several important industries such as rubber, textiles, paper, etc

Due to their outstanding features and characteristics, it has numerous versatile applications. They are extensively used as mould release agent in the rubber industry. Used as a softeners bath additive to import additional lubricity and body to the fabric in textile. Widely used as a thread lubricant to avoid breakage during processing. And also used as an additive in polishes and for offset printing.


  • Excellent thermal stability.
  • Excellent lubricating property.
  • Reduce fiber breakage during spinning in textile manufacturing.
  • High surface abrasion resistance.
  • Enhance luster of thread and import softness to final fabric
  • Import good texture and gloss to paper.
  • It does not discolor moulds and has excellent release characteristics.

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